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Wear or Carry

The lichen Xanthoria Elegans otherwise know as the Elegant Sunburst Lichen in this image has grown in such a perfect shape, and the photo is so clear in its detail of both the lichen and the rock behind it that it reminds me of an alien sun. The color palette of the lichen is nothing short of breathtaking. Shades of the brightest orange and yellow move in and out of their full color range in an intricate and delicate manner. Part of the reason I am attracted to this lichen is because the colors are so saturated, but naturally occurring. It is constantly amazing to me that something so simple can be this lovely. It has a very subtle form, and yet there is a 3D structure to it. I would like to mimic that type of form in my hats. The oranges and yellows are also beautifully contrasted by the grey of the rock in the background, creating a visual symbiotic relationship to match the natural one.

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