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Dining Environment - Urban Decay

The name of my restaurant is “Urban Decay” it is a bar/lounge meant for late night coffee and dessert at the end of an evening.

The tone of the space will be personal, dark, and romantic. The tables will be made of rusted metal that has been treated and waxed to keep the material from harming your clothing.

The specialty of Urban Decay is fresh apple cinnamon donuts with homemade ice cream and an amarena cherry as garnish, as well as a superb cheese plate. The menu would be diverse with a focus on high quality seasonal ingredients from local sources. There would be a full drink menu as well that would range from superb coffee and tea to a variety of mixed drinks created specially for the restaurant. Including an amazing array of port, scotch, bourbon and aperitifs.

I see the patrons as couples, 25 – 60 who are looking to extend an evening out in a laid back setting where they can have an opportunity to discuss the evenings events; be it a night at the opera, a great concert, or a walk in the park.

The restaurant plays quiet music that is modern but not jarring. The musical selection would include some modern classical works as well as softer indie rock such as  Iron & Wine, Beach House, and The Red House Painters among others. It is important that the patrons be able to speak to one another and not be distracted by the music.

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